Black Power and OWS

The two movements have it in them to merge, but it's going to take some work


OPINION Since its inception in September of 2011, The Occupy Wall Street movement has come to mean many things to many people. For some it's a movement to end skyrocketing tuition at State Colleges and Universities. For others its a platform to stop and bring attention to unfair and illegal foreclosures. Still others see the Occupy as a movement that's going to bring back unions and level the playing field for workers.Read more »

Nightlife: Fun plus jobs

San Francisco supervisor Scott Weiner on what clubs mean to our community


By Supervisor Scott Weiner

OPINION We all know the cultural benefits of nightlife. It's fun. We get to meet people — friends, lovers, and all the rest. We build community. We hear great music. We dance. We spend time outside on our streets. For LGBT people, we meet other LGBTs and keep our community strong. The list goes on: Without a strong entertainment scene, including bars, clubs, live music venues, arts venues, night-time restaurants, and street fairs, our city would be a less interesting and less diverse place.Read more »

Fighting prejudice, one student at a time

I believe my fellow pages and I exhibited something that was absent in the House of Representatives this past summer: communication and respect.


By Elijah Jatovsky

I served as a Congressional page for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last summer, and witnessed the highly partisan and deadlocked environment that plagued the House of Representatives during the debt-ceiling fiasco.

Among the biggest challenges I faced during my two months as a page was being in an openly homophobic environment. One page laughed at the thought of having a gay president, saying if one were ever elected he would be the first in line with a shotgun. Read more »

Mayor Lee's vanishing bike lanes

The mayor's resolution to create better bike lanes was exciting -- until he broke it


By Morgan Fitzgibbons

OPINION When Mayor Ed Lee announced in February 2011 that he understood both the critical importance and the severe dangers inherent in the current bicycle infrastructure along the dual three-block stretches of Fell and Oak between Scott and Baker, a shot went through the community of people who had worked for so long to bring awareness to this troubled path.Read more »

Making black herstory, every day

Let's make February count this year



Deconstructing the roots of

The black n gray suits

with hands in the Loot

That has buried the truth

About our black, brown and disabled youth

— excerpt from KKKourt by TinyRead more »

Two clean energy tracks for SF

Small tweaks could make the city's road to sustainable power a lot less bumpy


OPINION CleanPowerSF, San Francisco's green electricity alternative to Pacific Gas and Electric Co., is set to launch this year. The program is following two parallel paths — one to build renewable energy in San Francisco and create thousands of local jobs, the other to purchase clean power from remote sources from Shell Energy.

While both tracks bring advantages, this bifurcated approach could end up serving only 30 percent of city residents. Fortunately, the city can easily improve the launch of CleanPowerSF by merging the two tracks.Read more »

Public TV, for sale

A faith-based media network might be angling to buy KCSM-TV


OPINION The San Mateo Community College District Board of Trustees has announced the upcoming sale of its independent public television station, KCSM-TV. Some potential new owners are cause for alarm.

A January 10th walk-though for potential bidders was attended by the Christian broadcasting giant Daystar Television. The fastest-growing faith-based network in the country, Daystar's mission is to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ as one of a "new breed of televangelists."Read more »

Exporting our brains

As libraries close and tuition soars, a California university sets its sights on... China?


By Gary Brechin

The chancellor was absent as University of California police, kitted out in battle gear, vigorously beat and arrested students and professors at on the Berkeley campus. Called to account by the academic senate two weeks later, Robert Birgeneau explained that he had been on a trip through Asia at the time. The trip, he said, concluded with a "phenomenally successful," though unspecified, mission to Shanghai, so he did not hear how badly things went at home until the following day.Read more »

Bikes and sailboats

With a little vision, the America's Cup could mean great things for bikes


OPINION I'm not much of a sailor. In fact, I've been known to turn more than a little green when venturing out on the bay under sail. So it may seem a little odd that I am excited about the America's Cup regatta coming to San Francisco. This high-profile international yacht race has the potential to accomplish even more impressive feats on land than on water, ultimately leaving a legacy of safer streets and more accessible neighborhoods.Read more »

An open letter to Ed Lee

A proven supporter could be the best choice to replace the empty District 5 supervisoral seat


OPINION Dear Mr. Mayor,

During the next week you will be appointing the a supervisor for District 5, an area of the city that has been historically considered the most progressive part of one of the most progressive cities in the country. It will be a signature decision for you in the next year, and will reveal the tone of your administration. Will you be a consensus mayor — or will you carry on your predecessor's fight with progressives?Read more »