Welcome, Bay Guardian readers, to the new SFBG.com!

Last October, the former editors and publishers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian regained control of the 50-year-old alternative weekly paper and website. We did this with the help of our readers and outside contributors. The Bay Guardian now belongs to the San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that intends to preserve the Guardian’s archives and relaunch the Guardian brand.


The Guardian won’t be coming back as a weekly paper: For daily breaking news and independent voices, please visit 48 Hills, the website started in 2013 by Guardian editors Tim Redmond and Marke B. (Come to the 48 Hills Third Annual Gala!)

The Bay Guardian online will be making political endorsements (which we will also put out in paper form), publishing political advocacy and opinion, relaunching Best of the Bay and the GOLDIES arts awards, and digitizing 48 years of archives and ephemera. KEEP UP with what’s happening by signing up for our newsletter.


— We are bringing back our CLEAN SLATE endorsements for the June primaries and October general elections, including endorsements for the DCCC race, published today.

BEST OF THE BAY voting will begin this summer.

— Our ARCHIVES are being digitized by a crack team of web developers along with the Internet Archive, and will soon be available both in flip-through PDF format and searchable article database. We will be launching these in stages, so please stay tuned. For now, you can flip through the most recent five years of the Bay Guardian here at Issuu.com.

WE RELY ON YOU FOR HELP WITH THIS ESSENTIAL PROJECT, keeping progressive Bay Area history alive! Please donate today.

And remember to sign up for the Bay Guardian newsletter to keep up with exciting developments.  For any inquiries, you can contact Marke B at markeb415(at)gmail.com. Thanks and welcome back!


  1. Welcome back! I’m so happy you are back. This is the best news source in the Bay Area. I depend on you to help me sort through the elections and for what to do in the bay area.

  2. Dear SFBG: I loved you, and not just because I was a regular reviewer when you published the wonderful monthly Lit section. I hope you can bring back a book review-the Chronicle’s pink page subsuming is a tragedy, and we need books and book reviewers! I’m so glad you are available online.


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