Saving San Francisco’s Heart: A Bay Guardian book

San Francisco is under attack — by developers, greedy speculators and others who see this city as a place from which to extract money, even at the cost of destroying communities.

Jon Golinger, who has been running progressive campaigns in this city for more than 15 years, has put together a historical report on some of the flashpoints in the battle to save the city’s heart — and offers some insights on what works, what doesn’t, and how we can be more effective.


Tom Ammiano says:  “’Saving San Francisco’s Heart’ is a must read for political junkies of all stripes.  San Francisco politics is a blood sport but this book shows we still have the heart to move forward.  Bravo!”

Bay Guardian Books is happy to publish “Saving San Francisco’s Heart: How to Win Elections, Reclaim our City, and Keep SF a Special Place.”

Limited edition – pre-order your copy for $20 today to be sure you get one!

Publication date:  October 2017

To buy a copy, just go here


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