New Book! Tom Ammiano’s ‘Kiss My Gay Ass’ recalls SF political history

A wild trip down the Yellow Brick Road through activism, stand-up, and politics

Tom Ammiano’s story could only happen in one place: San Francisco.

Reflecting on a life of teaching, stand-up comedy, activism, and bloodsport politics, Tom sat down at his kitchen table and wrote his story as only he can tell it. Now you get to read it.

Kiss My Gay Ass: My trip down the Yellow Brick Road through activism, stand-up, and politics, follows Tom from his arrival in San Francisco on a Greyhound bus, through the flopsweat trials of professional comedy, and deep into the halls of power at City Hall and the State Capitol. Along the way Tom stops everywhere from New Jersey to Vietnam to Hollywood.

Kiss My Gay Ass is available in softcover for direct mail order. Published by Bay Guardian Books. Order online here!

“A sweet, revealing, shrewd, uproarious inside look at the world of politics from a truly lovable man who’s been fighting – and laughing – on the front lines for most of his life. If you need, as I surely often do, a reminder about why democracy is worth the struggle – despite all of the heartbreak and absurdity – you need to read Kiss My Gay Ass. Once again, when we need it most, here is Tom Ammiano, inspiring us with the courage, and humor, we need to keep fighting.”—David Talbot, bestselling author of “Season of the Witch”


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