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Election 2020 Clip-Out Guide to take to the polls (or vote from home)

Biden for President, Fielder for Senate, Yes on 21, I, K, and L: Our handy voting guide for a crucial election.

Our Clean Slate Voters’ Guide for the November 2018 election

Print this guide out here. Read our endorsements here. BAY GUARDIAN ENDORSEMENTS Governor: No endorsement Lt. Governor: No endorsements Secretary of State: Alex Padilla Controller: Betty Yee Treasurer: No endorsement Attorney General: Xavier Becerra Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond US Senator: Kevin De Leon Congress, District 12: Nancy Pelosi State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement State Assembly, District 19: Phil Ting STATE PROPOSITIONS Proposition 1: Yes Proposition 2: Yes Proposition 3: No Proposition 4:...

Endorsements for the March 3, 2020 primary

Below are our complete endorsements for the March 3, 2020 primary elections.  PRESIDENT Bernie Sanders Two elements come into play in the presidential primary, and we think both favor Sanders. The first, of course, is beating Trump. We do not subscribe to the “Bernie or bust” theory, and in November, we will be endorsing and strongly supporting any Democrat who wins the nomination....

New Book! Tom Ammiano’s ‘Kiss My Gay Ass’ recalls SF political history

Tom Ammiano's story could only happen in one place: San Francisco. Reflecting on a life of teaching, stand-up comedy, activism, and bloodsport politics, Tom sat down at his kitchen table and wrote his story as only he can tell it. Now you get to read it. Kiss My Gay Ass: My trip down the Yellow Brick Road through activism, stand-up, and...


CLICK HERE FOR OUR CLEAN SLATE VOTER GUIDE TO TAKE TO THE POLLS.  The two most important things on the November ballot are state Proposition 10 and San Francisco Proposition C. Both would address the housing crisis; both are desperately needed. Prop. 10 would overturn one of the worst examples of a bad trend in California: The state Legislature likes to...

Vote NO on the Newsom recall

He was a bad mayor and is a bad governor—but the alternatives are way, way worse and the national implications are scary.

Putting tenants first in the Democratic Party

“That’s Sacramento” the old timers say, as they shake their heads. For the entire time that I’ve worked on housing justice in San Francisco, housing activists have told me about about our inability, year after year, decade after decade to defeat the Ellis Act and Costa Hawkins, two laws that were written for and by the real estate industry...

EDITORIAL: Vote for Kim and Leno (or Leno and Kim) to save San Francisco

The early indications are that turnout in the June 5 election will be low. According to Joe Eskenazi, who has a daily text-message service, as of May 27, 43,000 ballots have been returned; at that point in June 2016, 63,500 ballots had been turned in. So every single vote is going to matter. You can vote this weekend at City...

Our publisher’s ‘must-read’ history of US protests is out now!

"Into the Streets: A Young Person's Visual History of Protest in the United States" by 48 Hills publisher and arts editor Marke B is out today on Lerner Books (available everywhere, but please support your local bookshop and Bookshop.org). It's already been called "a must-read for understanding our current times" (Book Riot) and "a thoroughly representative book" (Kirkus Reviews),...

ENDORSEMENTS! The case for six progressive supes, Kim for state Senate …

This is, to channel our favorite presidential contender of 2016, a HUUUGE election. There’s an increasingly scary presidential race, control of San Francisco City Hall up for grabs, and crucial state and local ballot measures. >> CLICK HERE FOR OUR PRINTABLE CLEAN SLATE GUIDE TO TAKE TO THE POLLS In June, most local progressives did well, and while the Bernie Bump was...