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Barbara Lee for Senate, Working Families Slate for DCCC, YES on Prop A and D, NO on Props C, E, and F.

ENDORSEMENTS: Kim for state Senate, Sanders for President, Yes on C …

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ENDORSEMENTS WERE FOR THE JUNE 2016 PRIMARIES -- FOR OUR NOVEMBER ENDORSEMENTS, CLICK HERE.  The Democratic primary season is almost over. It’s almost certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee (and, for the sake of the nation, we hope she will be the next president). But it’s critical that people still go to the polls...

ENDORSEMENTS for California Democratic Party delegates

The California Democratic Party has long been dominated by insiders, politicians linked to big campaign donors – and that has prevented the party from going in a truly progressive direction. But that’s changing as a new generation of activists are running for statewide delegate positions. It’s going to be a process: All of the statewide elected officials (all Democrats) hold...

Endorsements: Kim and Leno for mayor. Mandelman for supervisor. Eastin for governor. Yes on F, No on H

>>> DOWNLOAD OUR CLEAN SLATE VOTER GUIDE TO TAKE TO THE POLLS HERE! It’s odd, considering the critical importance to the future of the city, that the news media haven’t been that fixated on the mayor’s race. Debates and forums take place several times a week. Key endorsements happen regularly. The city—this deeply wounded city, under attack from speculators and...

Bay Guardian endorsement interview: Jane Kim

As part of our endorsement process, we are posting interviews with all of the mayoral candidates. The interviews are unedited. Kim talked to us about the Twitter tax break and said that at the time, it was important to encourage investment in the city, and she has no regrets. But she is concerned about the way the tech boom impacted...

Guardian endorsements: A quick guide

For a full explanation of Guardian endorsements, see here. For an easily printable, PDF version of this guide, click here. President: Bernie Sanders US Senate: Kamala Harris Congress, D 12: Nancy Pelosi State Senate, D 11: Jane Kim Superior Court Judge: Victor Hwang State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement State Assembly, District 19: Phil Ting Prop. 50: Yes Prop. AA: No Prop. A: Yes Prop. B: No Prop C: Yes, yes, yes Prop....

Our 2019 CLEAN SLATE guide to take to the polls

Here's our simple list of 2019 Nov. 5 election endorsements to help you fill out your ballot. Read why we're endorsing these issues and measures here. Mayor: No endorsement Supervisor, District Five: Dean Preston City Attorney: Dennis Herrera District Attorney: Chesa Boudin Public Defender: Monohar Raju Sheriff: No endorsement Treasurer: Jose Cisneros Board of Education: No endorsement Community College Board: Ivy Lee Proposition A: Yes Proposition B: Yes Proposition C: No,...


Biden and Harris (of course), Yes on I and L, Yes on 15 ... complete endorsements for the state and San Francisco election.

Bay Guardian endorsement interview: Angela Alioto

As part of our endorsement process, we are posting our interviews with the candidates. The interviews are undedited. Alioto talked to us about the tech boom, her position on Tasers, her history in the city, and how she would address homelessness. Among other things, she argued that Tasers will prevent police shootings -- although that's not how they are likely to...

CLEAN SLATE GUIDE 2016: Print this and take to the polls

Print this out and take it to the polls or use it to fill out your mail-in ballot. For a full explanation of our endorsements, go here. >>> CLICK HERE FOR THE PRINTABLE CLEAN SLATE GUIDE (PDF)  President: Hillary Clinton US Senate: Kamala Harris Congress, District 12: Nancy Pelosi State Senate, District 11: Jane Kim State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement State Assembly, District 19: Phil...