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Our handy clipout guide for the March 3 primary

Here are the Bay Guardian endorsements in a handy print-out guide to take to the polls. For our full endorsements, click here.  President: Bernie Sanders Congress, D 12: No recommendation State Senate, D 11: Jackie Fielder State Assembly, D17: No endorsement State Assembly, D19: No endorsement Superior Court Judge, Seat 1: Maria Evangelista Superior Court Judge, Seat 18: Michelle Tong Superior Court Judge, Seat 21: Carolyn Gold San...

Opinion: The progressive case for Measure AA

Editor's note: The Bay Guardian endorsed against Measure AA. You can read our argument here. This is a response by Supervisors John Avalos, David Campos, and Aaron Peskin San Francisco progressives stand united in our commitment to protect and restore San Francisco Bay, the Bay Area’s defining feature and greatest natural treasure. That’s why we strongly support Measure AA, our region’s...


Biden and Harris (of course), Yes on I and L, Yes on 15 ... complete endorsements for the state and San Francisco election.

Our print-out guide to take to the polls

***NOTE THESE ENDORSEMENTS ARE FOR THE JUNE ELECTIONS. THE NOVEMBER ELECTION GUIDE CAN BE FOUND HERE. Here's a simple guide to all of our endorsements: DOWNLOAD HERE: GUARDIAN CLEAN SLATE JUNE 2018 MAYOR Jane Kim and Mark Leno (you can vote for them both) SUPERVISOR, DISTRICT 8 Rafael Mandelman SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE Seat 4: Phoenix Streets Seat 7: Maria Evangelista Seat 9: Kwixuan Maloof Seat 11: Niki Solis STATEWIDE...

Election 2020 Clip-Out Guide to take to the polls (or vote from home)

Biden for President, Fielder for Senate, Yes on 21, I, K, and L: Our handy voting guide for a crucial election.

Bay Guardian endorsement interview: Jane Kim

As part of our endorsement process, we are posting interviews with all of the mayoral candidates. The interviews are unedited. Kim talked to us about the Twitter tax break and said that at the time, it was important to encourage investment in the city, and she has no regrets. But she is concerned about the way the tech boom impacted...

Our 2019 CLEAN SLATE guide to take to the polls

Here's our simple list of 2019 Nov. 5 election endorsements to help you fill out your ballot. Read why we're endorsing these issues and measures here. Mayor: No endorsement Supervisor, District Five: Dean Preston City Attorney: Dennis Herrera District Attorney: Chesa Boudin Public Defender: Monohar Raju Sheriff: No endorsement Treasurer: Jose Cisneros Board of Education: No endorsement Community College Board: Ivy Lee Proposition A: Yes Proposition B: Yes Proposition C: No,...

Putting tenants first in the Democratic Party

“That’s Sacramento” the old timers say, as they shake their heads. For the entire time that I’ve worked on housing justice in San Francisco, housing activists have told me about about our inability, year after year, decade after decade to defeat the Ellis Act and Costa Hawkins, two laws that were written for and by the real estate industry...

EDITORIAL: Vote for Kim and Leno (or Leno and Kim) to save San Francisco

The early indications are that turnout in the June 5 election will be low. According to Joe Eskenazi, who has a daily text-message service, as of May 27, 43,000 ballots have been returned; at that point in June 2016, 63,500 ballots had been turned in. So every single vote is going to matter. You can vote this weekend at City...

VOTE Jan 8 to reform the Democratic Party!

The Democratic Party controls California – and yet, this deep-blue state still suffers under Prop 13, still allows landlords to control the political agenda (at the cost of thousands of evictions and a homeless epidemic), and is going to struggle to create an effective response to Donald Trump. That’s because the California Democratic Party is still a corporate-run operation, dominated...