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Welcome, Bay Guardian readers, to the new SFBG.com! Last October, the former editors and publishers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian regained control of the 50-year-old alternative weekly paper and website. We did this with the help of our readers and outside contributors. The Bay Guardian now belongs to the San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that...

Bay Guardian endorsements for the Democratic County Central Committee

Here are the Bay Guardian endorsements for Democratic County Central Committee, 2016. The race for Democratic County Central Committee, often a second thought on the June ballot, is now a big deal, a proxy for the defining struggle to save what’s left of San Francisco from corporate power and real-estate greed. The DCCC sets policy for the local party. A lot...

Our handy clipout guide for the March 3 primary

Here are the Bay Guardian endorsements in a handy print-out guide to take to the polls. For our full endorsements, click here.  President: Bernie Sanders Congress, D 12: No recommendation State Senate, D 11: Jackie Fielder State Assembly, D17: No endorsement State Assembly, D19: No endorsement Superior Court Judge, Seat 1: Maria Evangelista Superior Court Judge, Seat 18: Michelle Tong Superior Court Judge, Seat 21: Carolyn Gold San...

Guardian endorsements: A quick guide

For a full explanation of Guardian endorsements, see here. For an easily printable, PDF version of this guide, click here. President: Bernie Sanders US Senate: Kamala Harris Congress, D 12: Nancy Pelosi State Senate, D 11: Jane Kim Superior Court Judge: Victor Hwang State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement State Assembly, District 19: Phil Ting Prop. 50: Yes Prop. AA: No Prop. A: Yes Prop. B: No Prop C: Yes, yes, yes Prop....

Stay tuned for the 2018 Clean Slate Election Endorsements Guide—in print and online

** Sign up for our newsletter and get the Endorsements in April. ** Support us so we can do this. ** Get news updates from daily site 48hills ** Snag a retro Bay Guardian T-shirt or tote! We’ve lived through a lot of bad mayors. Nine years of Dianne Feinstein, who created a downtown-development gold rush that began the gentrification crisis we see...


Biden and Harris (of course), Yes on I and L, Yes on 15 ... complete endorsements for the state and San Francisco election.

Opinion: The progressive case for Measure AA

Editor's note: The Bay Guardian endorsed against Measure AA. You can read our argument here. This is a response by Supervisors John Avalos, David Campos, and Aaron Peskin San Francisco progressives stand united in our commitment to protect and restore San Francisco Bay, the Bay Area’s defining feature and greatest natural treasure. That’s why we strongly support Measure AA, our region’s...

Endorsements: Kim and Leno for mayor. Mandelman for supervisor. Eastin for governor. Yes on F, No on H

>>> DOWNLOAD OUR CLEAN SLATE VOTER GUIDE TO TAKE TO THE POLLS HERE! It’s odd, considering the critical importance to the future of the city, that the news media haven’t been that fixated on the mayor’s race. Debates and forums take place several times a week. Key endorsements happen regularly. The city—this deeply wounded city, under attack from speculators and...

Election 2020 Clip-Out Guide to take to the polls (or vote from home)

Biden for President, Fielder for Senate, Yes on 21, I, K, and L: Our handy voting guide for a crucial election.

ENDORSEMENTS! The case for six progressive supes, Kim for state Senate …

This is, to channel our favorite presidential contender of 2016, a HUUUGE election. There’s an increasingly scary presidential race, control of San Francisco City Hall up for grabs, and crucial state and local ballot measures. >> CLICK HERE FOR OUR PRINTABLE CLEAN SLATE GUIDE TO TAKE TO THE POLLS In June, most local progressives did well, and while the Bernie Bump was...