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Welcome, Bay Guardian readers, to the new SFBG.com! Last October, the former editors and publishers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian regained control of the 50-year-old alternative weekly paper and website. We did this with the help of our readers and outside contributors. The Bay Guardian now belongs to the San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that...

Bay Guardian endorsements for the Democratic County Central Committee

Here are the Bay Guardian endorsements for Democratic County Central Committee, 2016. The race for Democratic County Central Committee, often a second thought on the June ballot, is now a big deal, a proxy for the defining struggle to save what’s left of San Francisco from corporate power and real-estate greed. The DCCC sets policy for the local party. A lot...

The Bay Guardian Fall 2022 Election Clip-Out Guide

Our complete guide to the election: Take this to the polls!

Putting tenants first in the Democratic Party

“That’s Sacramento” the old timers say, as they shake their heads. For the entire time that I’ve worked on housing justice in San Francisco, housing activists have told me about about our inability, year after year, decade after decade to defeat the Ellis Act and Costa Hawkins, two laws that were written for and by the real estate industry...


It’s an old political saw, but it’s worth discussing: Are you better off today in San Francisco that you were five years ago? If you’re a tenant, or a person making a middle-class income or less, or if you ride Muni, or if you care about homelessness and displacement, the answer is almost certainly worse. The agenda that the late...


San Francisco politics is facing a hostile takeover. A small group of billionaires, some of whom may not even live in the city, is trying to buy the local electoral system, and the next big battle is March 5. They have formed a series of organizations—SF Together, GrowSF, Neighbors for a Better San Francisco,...

Stay tuned for the 2018 Clean Slate Election Endorsements Guide—in print and online

** Sign up for our newsletter and get the Endorsements in April. ** Support us so we can do this. ** Get news updates from daily site 48hills ** Snag a retro Bay Guardian T-shirt or tote! We’ve lived through a lot of bad mayors. Nine years of Dianne Feinstein, who created a downtown-development gold rush that began the gentrification crisis we see...

Our 2019 CLEAN SLATE guide to take to the polls

Here's our simple list of 2019 Nov. 5 election endorsements to help you fill out your ballot. Read why we're endorsing these issues and measures here. Mayor: No endorsement Supervisor, District Five: Dean Preston City Attorney: Dennis Herrera District Attorney: Chesa Boudin Public Defender: Monohar Raju Sheriff: No endorsement Treasurer: Jose Cisneros Board of Education: No endorsement Community College Board: Ivy Lee Proposition A: Yes Proposition B: Yes Proposition C: No,...

Guardian endorsement interviews: Mark Leno

As part of our endorsement process, we have been interviewing the candidates for mayor. The interviews are unedited, presented in their entirety. Mark Leno told us that he would never have supported the Twitter tax break the way it was approved, and would have demanded more community benefits. He talked about his plan for housing and homelessness. We will be publishing...

Endorsements for the March 3, 2020 primary

Below are our complete endorsements for the March 3, 2020 primary elections.  PRESIDENT Bernie Sanders Two elements come into play in the presidential primary, and we think both favor Sanders. The first, of course, is beating Trump. We do not subscribe to the “Bernie or bust” theory, and in November, we will be endorsing and strongly supporting any Democrat who wins the nomination....