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Endorsements: Kim and Leno for mayor. Mandelman for supervisor. Eastin for governor. Yes on F, No on H

>>> DOWNLOAD OUR CLEAN SLATE VOTER GUIDE TO TAKE TO THE POLLS HERE! It’s odd, considering the critical importance to the future of the city, that the news media haven’t been that fixated on the mayor’s race. Debates and forums take place several times a week. Key endorsements happen regularly. The city—this deeply wounded city, under attack from speculators and...

Take this to the polls! Our Clean Slate easy guide for SF’s March 2024 election

Barbara Lee for Senate, Working Families Slate for DCCC, YES on Prop A and D, NO on Props C, E, and F.


Hamasaki for DA. Mahogany and Mar for Supe. No on D, Yes on E—complete endorsements for the Nov. 8 election.

Bay Guardian endorsements for the Democratic County Central Committee

Here are the Bay Guardian endorsements for Democratic County Central Committee, 2016. The race for Democratic County Central Committee, often a second thought on the June ballot, is now a big deal, a proxy for the defining struggle to save what’s left of San Francisco from corporate power and real-estate greed. The DCCC sets policy for the local party. A lot...