Election 2020 Clip-Out Guide to take to the polls (or vote from home)

Biden for President, Fielder for Senate, Yes on 21, I, K, and L: Our handy voting guide for a crucial election.

Jackie Fielder, photo by Frank Nunez

View our full endorsements here.

President/Vice President: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Congress, District 12: No endorsement
State Senate, District 11: Jackie Fielder
State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement
State Assembly District 19: Phil Ting
BART Board District 7: Lateefah Simon
BART Board District 9: Bevan Dufty

Proposition 14: NO
Proposition 15: YES, YES, YES
Proposition 16: YES
Proposition 17: YES
Proposition 18: YES
Proposition 19: NO
Proposition 20: NO
Proposition 21: YES, YES, YES
Proposition 22: NO, NO, NO
Proposition 23: NO
Proposition 24: NO
Proposition 25: YES

District One: Connie Chan
District Three: Aaron Peskin
District Five: Dean Preston
District Seven: Vilaska Nguyen
District Nine: Hillary Ronen
District 11: John Avalos
San Francisco School Board: Kevine Boggess, Matt Alexander, Mark Sanchez, Alida Fisher
City College Board: Tom Temprano, Anita Martinez, Alan Wong, Shanell Williams

Proposition A: YES
Proposition B: YES
Proposition C: YES
Proposition D: YES
Proposition E: YES
Proposition F: YES
Proposition G: YES
Proposition H: NO
Proposition I: YES, YES, YES
Proposition J: YES
Proposition K: YES, YES, YES
Proposition L: YES, YES, YES
Proposition RR: No position


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