ENDORSEMENTS: ADEM Districts 17 and 19

Our recommendations for delegates to the state Democratic Party.

The people who set policy for the California Democratic Party are elected as delegates. Not all of them – the Democrats who hold public office get to be delegates automatically, which means it’s harder to move the party in a progressive direction. But every two years, in a genuine nod to democracy (which sometimes seems like a nod to chaos and power politics) the registered Democrats in each Assembly district get to choose delegates to the state party convention.

This time around, there’s no big meeting in an open space, no gathering to collect and count paper ballots. Instead, the vote will be entirely by mail – and only people who register with the party by Jan. 11 (even if you are already registered to vote, you have to sign up for this particular election) will get ballots. (You can sign up for a ballot here; it only takes a few minutes.)

As usual, there are competing slates, one representing the corporate Democrats and backed by Assemblymember David Chiu and Sen. Scott Wiener and one supported by the progressives including local Party Chair David Campos.

We are encouraging all our readers to sign up for a ballot, and we are endorsing the progressives slates in the hope that they can move the party in a better direction in the first two years of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Under state Party rules, seven people who identify as female and seven who do not identify as female will be elected from each district. Here are our choices in D17:

Susan Solomon

Gaynorann Siataga

Karol Ruiz

Nomvula O’Meara

Jackie Praeger

Joy Zhan

Venicia Margarita

Marc Dantona

Julian LaRosa

Njon Sanders

Vanessa Pimentel

Bill Shields

Robert Sandoval

Corey Hallman

Here are our endorsed candidates in the 19th (West Side) district

Sophia Andary

Manufou Liaiga-Andai

Alondra Esquivel

Alida Fisher

Kalimah Salahuddin

Jasper Wilde

Kaylah Williams

Brandon Harami

Gabriel Medina

Joshua Ochoa

Gilbert Williams

Ryan McGilley

Alan Wong


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